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Það eru útgáfutónleikar framundan en ég ætla að fagna útkomu Journey á Bravó þann 23. janúar n.k. ásamt góðum gestum. Allir velkomnir og aðgangur ókeypis. Hægt að kaupa diskinn á staðnum!

Celebrating the release of my album Journey, January 23rd at Bravo on Laugavegur 22. Free entrance and everyone welcome. CD available for those who are interested!

Sjáumst / See you





21:00 Dj Dorrit
21:30 Einar Indra
22:00 Futuregrapher (Ambient Set)
22:30 Krummi
23:00 Snooze Infinity
23:30 Bistro Boy
00:00 Skurken
00:30 Tanya & Marlon
01:00 Subminimal
01:30 Steve Sampling
02:00 Orang Volante (Dj Set)




Iceland Airwaves is coming up and is teaming up with some of today´s most innovative music gurus showcasing their music at the largest off-venue programme yet. Bistro Boy is proud to be part of it but i´ll be performing October 28th at Lucky Records (Rauðarárstígur 10) as a part of Möller Records label showcase.


What a fine day today. Möller Records is throwing a party at Lucky Records (Rauðarárstígur 6) Saturday, May 11th, starting at 2 pm. Möller Records artists will be performing (inclduing me!) and give you a little taste of icelandic electronica and local artists Möller Records represents.  I´ll be playing at 3 pm and 6 pm. Hope to see you!

Artists performing:

Dj AnDre
Tanya & Marlon

Steve Sampling
Bistro Boy



I´m happy to let you know i´ll be performing at the event Vinnslan at Norðurpóllin Performance center,  Saturday April 6th. Vinnslan is a performance making group who regularly initiates events where  inventive artsist come together to create work in front of a live audience. I´ll be playing things by ear so i have no idea what is going to happen, but we´ll see. Would be great to see you!


Bistro Boy is excited to be part of this eventHeiladans are regular events hosted by Moller Records (Icelandic record label) where local electronic musicians are invited to perform and share their music with music lovers and have a good time. This will be the last event at Hemmi & Valdi so future events will have a new home. Anyway, i´ll be there playing my stuff along with Steve Sampling, Skurken and Bypass. Come join us in the spirit of music and have some fun. See you!


Möller Records will celebrate 2012 releases with a massive concert at Faktory, December 28th. Bistro Boy will perform but my album Solheimar was released on Möller Records in May this year. A handfull of Möller Records artists will perform also as well as a few guest performers. The concert starts 10 pm, ticket price is ISK 1.000.

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