Bistro Boy had a great time playing at the local bear event BEARS ON ICE in Reykjavik, September 8th, 2012. DJ Bistro Boy performed Saturday night at the main event along with two fantastic DJs, the Icelandic DJ Dramatik and DJ Mikael Costa from Denmark. What a night!

soundcloud-logo-scBistro Boy remix of "Nánd" by the Icelandic band Nýdönsk. Bistro Boy's contribution to a remix competition by icelandic radio show PartyZone in 2012.

DJ Bistro Boy kept the crowd moving at the Bearserk event in Copenhagen May 12th in Copenhagen along with renowned danish DJs Mikael Costa and John Eltong and icelandic DJ Dramatik.

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soundcloud-logo-scOld DJ BistroBoy stuff celebrating the late 90s.