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    evolve album review - album by Bistro Boy

    BistroBoy - "evolve" "Musica elettronica" è una definizione estremamente ampia. "Elettronica" è un bacino musicale che definire "genere" ci risulterebbe riduttivo e limitante. Il nuovo disco di BistroBoy "evolve", pubblicato da Möller Records, appartiene a quel catalogo di dischi di musica elettronica che ne espandono gli orizzonti, essendo pregni di artigianalità e umanità (quasi un'antitesi). Come per il geniale produttore Burial, la musica del compositore islandese, ci chiede di dipingere nella nostra testa paesaggi suggestivi, dipinti con minuziose pennellate di synth e accordi di piano. Se questa natura contemplativa e immaginifica permea le produzioni di entrambi gli artisti, i paesaggi creati dai suoni dei due sono quanto di più diversi si possa pensare: notturna metropoli per il produttore inglese, suggestivi spezzoni di tramonto e natura per l'islandese. Non è facile costruire un linguaggio musicale espressivo e umano come quello di BistroBoy, ancora più complesso renderlo piacevole e scorrevole. "evolve" è promosso su tutti i fronti. 8/10 - Review by Musica Islandese Italia.

    English translation

    BistroBoy - "evolves" "Electronic music" is an extremely broad definition. "Electronics" is a musical basin that defining "genre" would be reductive and limiting. The new BistroBoy album "evolve", published by Möller Records, belongs to that catalog of electronic music records that expand its horizons, being full of craftsmanship and humanity (almost an antithesis). As for the brilliant producer Burial, the music of the Icelandic composer asks us to paint suggestive landscapes in our head, painted with minute brushstrokes of synths and piano chords. If this contemplative and imaginative nature permeates the productions of both artists, the landscapes created by the sounds of the two are the most different one can think of: nocturnal metropolis for the English producer, suggestive sunset and nature sections for the Icelandic. It is not easy to build an expressive and human musical language like that of BistroBoy, even more complex to make it pleasant and fluent. "evolve" is promoted on all fronts. 8/10

  • Beautiful and absorbing

    evolve Album Review

    Album Review by MARCIN KOZICKI in Stacja Islandia - Translated from Polish / "Evolve" is a sophisticated and "clean" album in its form, yet it seduces the listener with a hypnotic and moody climate, fleeting moments of melancholy, spatial and inspired compositions with a dreamy tone, and original and beautiful melodies that can hit the most sensitive places of the recipient. " Evolve " impresses with consistency, unreality and clarity of emotion. It is impossible to deny him his soul. The album is worth listening to repeatedly, and you listen to it with real pleasure and appreciation for its author. It's definitely worth immersing yourself in this music. Read the full album review in Stacja Islandia. Listen to the album on Spotify.

  • Broken

    Broken, album by Bistro Boy & Bjartmar

    Broken, a Broken 6 song album, is the outcome of two collaborating artists teaming up, producer and song writer Bistro Boy & vocalist Bjartmar Thordarson. Meeting up with a set of ideas, Bistro Boy and Bjartmar created Broken, an Electro-Pop album about lost love, broken hearts and never losing hope. Bistro Boy (Frosti Jonsson) found his spiritual home in electronic music after dropping out of classical piano lessons, which liberated him from sticking only to black dots on paper. Bjartmar Thordarson is an actor/director, singer and composer. His most recent release is the EP album Deliria (2018), where he experiments with a dark, synth infused throwback style. Joined with Bistro Boy by a mutual love of electronica and freedom from the classical.