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"This record is like a novel, which is not complete til the last page of the last song, the last fade of the dying chords a full stop that leaves a silence of absence, having wiped the world away [+]". Thanks for the review Joe/Grapevine.

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Performing at Loft Hostel, Reykjavik, July 22nd 2015 with my good friend Futuregrapher. Starting at 9 pm.


I did a remix of the song "End Of The Light" by the Icelandic Epic Rain. The song is on their album Somber Air which was released in 2014, a fantastic album voted as one of the best release of that year in Iceland. Listen & share!


My new album is out, available online and on CD (limited availability). Hope you enjoy it!


A fantastic year 2014 is almost coming to an end. It´s been a great Journey which started with my LP album release concert in Reykjavik in January, toured around Iceland midsummer with Möller Records family members Futuregrapher and Subminimal (and we met up with Muted half way through it to perform with us), did a DJ set in Seattle in May, went to Madrid to play at Dias Nordicos Festival in September with Subminimal, Skurken and Steve Sampling at Siroco, performed at Secret Solstice in Reykjavik in June and at number of Möller Records monthly events Heiladans as well. Thank you for listening, sharing and all the support. Best wishes for 2015 & see you soon! Bistro Boy.



It´s winter in Reykjavik, lots and lots of snow, cars stuck and kids playing. I sat down and made this track, Tzjillað í snjónum, as a little tribute to the Icelandic winter.  Free SoundCloud download for my friends if you like! Thanks for listening & sharing. Love / Bistro Boy.



Remixing other artists is a great way to get to know them a little better and have fun along the way. Röyksopp have been one of my favorite ever since they released their first album Melody A.M. Their collaboration with swedish pop icon Robyn is well appreciated and together they´ve created some truly awsome stuff. I love Monument and wanted to have my take on it. Hope you like it. Hope they´re ok with this as well.