Falling free is the 8th song on my album Journey. It´s a song about being free. Let go of things that really have little or no meaning at all. Stuff. The song was written around simple elements, soft pads with cut through drums to add (hopefully) some edge to the liberating feeling of freedom. Let go of stuff. Be free. Buy the full album on iTunes.



Abstract in circles is song number 7 on album Journey. This track has many elements from the past, spiced up with elements from the present. I´ve played parts of this song live before but it belonged to something totally different. I wasn´t fully happy with it so i chopped it down to it´s core and started over. Went circle. Like we all do with so many things in life. You can buy the whole album on iTunes!



If this is just a dream, what happens when you wake up?  Are dreams just as real as being awake? Am I still dreaming is the 6th song on my album Journey. It´s a song about dreaming. How dreaming can set your mind free.  “Everything in life is just for a while.” Philip K. Dick. 



Frozen thoughts (feat. Gisli Magna) is the fifth song on my album Journey. The original tune was a house track, which sounds very different from the one on the album. I wasn´t fully happy with the original idea and wanted to take it a little bit furthe and add vocals on top of it. A good friend and a great singer Gisli Magna was up for the job, sings it beautifully taking the song to a whole new level. Will definitely do more of this in the future!



Frozen thoughts er fimmta lagið á plötunni Journey. Lagið varð til þegar ég lá heima í flensu. Það var vetur úti og sást ekki útum glugga fyrir kófinu. Ekkert voðalega upplífgandi. Fyrsta útgáfa lagsins hljómar allt öðruvísi en sú sem endaði á plötunni. Mig langaði að taka það aðeins lengra, máta söng við það og sjá hvað myndi gerast. Góður vinur minn Gísli Magna var til í smá tilraunastarfsemi og þetta er útkoman. Frábær söngvari hér á ferðinni. Hlakka til að gera meira af svona.


Images in my mind is the third song on my album Journey. Originally this was just a a small idea which got bigger and turned into a song. A journey of it´s on in my mind.


Journey is the second song on my album Journey. I wrote the song while traveling on a bus in Kenya in 2011. One of those long days where you sat on the bus for 8 hours or something. The best thing to do was to read a book or make music. Later that year i played the song at a concert in downtown Reykjavik, got some feedback but didn´t do much with it until later. And now the song is here...