Life after Airwaves

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Thanks everyone who came to see my show at Húrra during the 2015 Iceland Airwaves festival. Performing live is always a challence and i love to try out new things and see what happens. For this year´s performance i was very fortunate to work with Martin Byrne (Belfast) who joined me on stage doing vocals on three of my (unrelleased) songs. Big thank you Marty for bringing your elements to the show, it felt great! For those of you who didn´t make it to the show, i´ll keep you posted on future live dates. In the meantime, feel free to browse through my music online

Big thanks for kind words & review from Columbia College Chicago students' coverage:

"The performance featured live vocals on some of the more ambient tracks and lots of heavy kick drums and synths throughout the performance as well as a jelly fish on the screen behind. The set contained plenty of rumbling bass and hi-hats as the styles changed towards a gigantic climax and closer. The end of the set featured a monster of a house track with an epic build and climax that perhaps Eric Prydz or Four Tet would be jealous of."



Top picture by Joshia Shibano
Bottom picture by Frank McWeeny