Broken, a 6 song album, is the outcome of two collaborating artists teaming up, producer and song writer Bistro Boy & vocalist Bjartmar Thordarson. Meeting up with a set of ideas, Bistro Boy and Bjartmar created Broken, an Electropop album about lost love, broken hearts and never losing hope.
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‘Píanó í þokunni’ (‘Piano in the Fog’) is Bistro Boy’s third LP. The album is a dreamy tribute to Bistro Boy’s long-lasting relationship with his piano; a musical journey from past to present. “On this album I set out with a different approach from previous albums,” says the musician. “I was trying to keep the soundscape somewhat simple and throw in recordings of my old and out of tune piano.” Read the full article...

It´s official. New BistroBoy Album "Píanó í þokunni" is underway for October 1st release. It will be up for digital distribution as well as on vinyl. Stay tuned for more information and vinyl pre-orders!

I´m proud to present my latest release, album Svartir sandar. Svartir sandar (Black sands) is my second LP and my fifth Möller Records release. The album contains 10 tracks. I had amazing time working with some amazing singers. Special thanks to guest singer Marty Byrne and co-writer of the song "Here We All Are". And million thanks to the awesome Edward F. Butler for his contribution on "Memories". Thank you for listening and feel to share!