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I´d like to thank you for visiting my website and for showing interest in my music. I´m a Reykjavik based musician releasing most of my work under the name Bistro Boy. I found my spiritual home in electronic music after dropping out of classical piano lessons, liberating me from sticking only to black dots on paper. If you´re interested in my music, feel free to give me a shout!


Drifting (LP, 2021),  Ambient Theory Of Dreaming (LP, 2020), evolve (LP2020), Svartir hundar (7" with Futuregrapher, 2020), Northern Light (Single/Remix with Kikuchi Giovanni, 2020), Hvíti dauði (Single/Remix with Teitur Magnússon, 2020), Moments (Single with Bjartmar, 2020), Sunday Coma / Colours (7” with Rayspark Industries, 2019) Narti / Smile (7” with Skurken, 2019) Broken (EP, 2019) with Bjartmar Þórðarson, Píanó í þokunni (LP, 2018), Walk Away (feat. on Kristalsplatan by Páll Óskar, 2017) Open Doors (single, feat on Möller Records Compilation Album, Helga Vol.6, 2017) Svartir Sandar (LP, 2016) Rivers & Poems (EP, 2015), with Nobuto Suda Lovin´life (single, 2015) feat. Anthony Jackson Dagdraumaregn (Nýdönsk Remix, 2015) Hundslappadrifa (single, feat on Möller Records Compilation Album, Helga Vol.5, 2015) U-Bahn (single, feat on Möller Records Compilation Album, Helga Vol.4, 2014) Frozen Thoughts feat. Gísli Magna (Remix, 2014) Journey (LP, 2013) Sólheimar (EP, 2012) Motional (feat on Möller Records Compilation Album, Helga Vol.2, 2012)


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